The Demon Wars by Lauren Peyton

Demonically Your Cover

Demonically Yours (The Demon Wars Book 1)




He was built for sin…

I fell for a dark stranger, a painfully beautiful one. With his impressive physique and exotic accent, I couldn’t keep him out of my dreams. But when those dreams turned to nightmares I started looking for answers. I’d asked the questions before, but I’d always been kept in the dark. Who Am I? Why Am I Different?

I demand the truth, I have to know what my part in this war is before it’s too late… And why the vision of this dark stranger captivates me…


It was a dream. It was all just a dream. A very screwed up, emotionally damaging, horrible dream. Ava’s breath caught in her throat. Her dark hair hung in waves below her shoulders. Somehow she had flung herself up into a sitting position. Her breathing was labored…

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