Spotlight and Interview: Double Booked by CJ Anaya

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Double booked

Analise is on assignment to prove or disprove a haunting, but her unexpected roommate is tall, dark and dangerous…and he has her in his sights.


The gorgeous warlock behind me placed a comforting hand on my left shoulder while circling around to my right, resting his other arm on the counter. The slightly intimate position should have been reserved for couples, something we were most definitely not!


So much for avoiding him. I couldn’t figure out if my body wanted to panic or purr.

“Excuse me, young lady.” He caught the blonde’s attention right away.

Oh, that voice. I felt a part of my body relax and another part of me tense as its velvety tones washed over me.

He continued. “I sometimes find that places such as these make the annoying mistake of double booking rooms during holidays in case of future cancellations…

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SABLE’S SEX SCENE ‘S’ELEBRATION – Contest Results and a new Contest

Wild and Wicked Cowboys

Well, I finished IF I CAN DREAM, fifteen days over my own personal deadline, but sometimes I just get out of hand. I’ll blame it on Tennessee and Molly, they led me a wild chase – but it’s done, thank goodness and will be up for sale before the end of the month.DREAMTEN I’m keeping my fingers crossed – To celebrate, I went out to eat with a local author friend to a place in downtown Austin called Gloria’s. It’s located on Sixth Street and was very trendy and the food was delicious. I’m also shopping for cowboy boots for the conferences next year. I’m planning on getting a pair with inlaid turquoise, a pair with yellow roses (my symbol) and a pair of Lucchese that has a tapestry pattern to die for. I have an eclectic sense of style, nothing plain for me. I was shopping recently for the…

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MERCY’S ANGELS by Barbi Barnard

CJ's Book Corner


By Barbi Barnard

First in the Mercy’s Angels Series.

This is also the story of three women who all have one thing in common: Angels Mercy MC.
Elizabeth forced to live the club life by threats and violence.

Jenni watched in disgust and confusion.
Tiffi heard the stories from her family.

Three women. Three tales of courage, determination… and a little humor. Find how “Momma” became the owner of a Motorcycle Club…


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He laughs at me. “I’ll pat you dry when you’re done.” I cannot believe he just said that. I know I’m blushing. His hand comes up to my shirt and strokes my neck. “How far does that blush go?” he growls. “I want to get to know you. You are cute and sassy. You remind me of someone and it’s bugging me that I can’t place who that is. I swear I’ve seen those dimples…

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Spotlight: Tobey Fine (Sacked & Tackled 1) by Palessa

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Tobey Fine

It’s finally time for the player to get played.

Tobey Fine, the ‘Blasian Sensation’ is at the top of his game as the face of the Miami Medusas, a Steinger Football League team. When he’s introduced to his teammate’s best friend, the Blasian Sensation comes face-to-face with his reckoning.

Niveah Wallace is the founder of Carmicon Technologies, a software development company contracted to do a pilot game app featuring the Miami Medusas and team rivals, the Atlanta Mercury. If this project goes well, it will put CarmTech on the map.

Still smarting from Tobey’s rejection years ago, Niveah is presented with her chance to get back at him—but forgets that revenge can be a double-edged sword.

Despite their initial fallout, Tobey and Niveah grow close in a way neither expected. But inside the SFL there’s trouble brewing as a piece of Tobey’s past threatens to upend his present and…

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Booksting with CoHo and a Garvis-Graves Giveaway!

Colleen Hoover

Welcome back to Booksting with CoHo! Today I’m featuring Tracey Garvis-Graves, author of Heart-Shaped Hack, which released TODAY! You might know her from some of her previous wonderful works, such as On The Island and Covet. I’m really excited to feature Tracey, not only because it’s her release day, but because she’s been a huge inspiration for me during my career. Read below for the interview and make sure you share this blog post to enter the giveaway for a signed copy of Heart-Shaped Hack!

But first, let’s talk about this cover. I noticed in the acknowledgments that Tracey gave a shout-out to Sarah Hansen of Okay Creations. She does awesome covers, and this is one of my faves! Absolutely love it!

HSH Amazon

And…$2.99? Hello! That’s a steal for an ebook from this author, people. Go, go and download it now. I read it and LOVED it! Get it here!


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