**Past, Present and Future**Pre-order Now – Tracy Kincaid


Sally is totally focused on the new love in her life until she receives heartbreaking news, which causes her to question who she is and what she has to offer in a relationship. With help from an unlikely spirit, Sally begins a journey of self-discovery that sets her on the path to new revelations about her past.

Benny Stone has always lived his life as a playboy, until he met his red headed beauty. Just as things are heating up, he watches her life spiral out of control. Now, if he wants to save this fragile relationship, his strength and support will be needed more than ever.

Together Sally and Benny must discover the missing pieces of her life and overcome the obstacles that will allow Sally the freedom to pursue her fated love.

A past, present and future sweet romance.

Past, Present and Future is the second book in The Family Tree series. This book follows the events in Freeing Lost Souls.

You can pre-order: https://goo.gl/cWF9sH

**New Release** Love in Her Dreams – Isobelle Cate

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Alec and Tamsyn know they are meant to be together though they have never met. And yet their passion for each other consumes them when they dream.

Alec knows that Tamsyn is the woman for him, but finding her at the moment is an impossibility. Or is it?

After resigning from her job, Tamsyn takes a break in Scotland when she feels the presence of the man who haunts her dreams. He is tangibly near and in Edinburgh. The sex they have in her sleeping moments becomes more real. But how can she find him in the streets of Edinburgh when the only thing she remembers is his touch, his scent, his passion?


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Ashley Gahl lost her virginity in a wild moment of passion after a night of celebration, and Tanner Lake has haunted her dreams ever since. One-night flings aren’t suitable for relationships, so she’s determined to pretend it never happened, only he reappears in her life, and throws her carefully laid out plans into disarray.

When he becomes a permanent fixture in her world as her new stepbrother, she knows she should put their passionate past behind her, but she finds herself craving him more and more. Is she really ready for the whirlwind that Tempting Tanner will bring?

Previously included in the Irrevocably Claimed Anthology Fall of 2015 – This story has been expanded and re-released.

iBooks: http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id1123637365
Amazon US: http://amzn.to/21k5OCa
Amazon UK: https://goo.gl/tH3DYU
Amazon CA: https://goo.gl/b7MnIn
Amazon AU: https://goo.gl/Zz2FAe
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Kobo: https://goo.gl/kH6qPI
Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/643438

If you missed it, you can read the first chapter of Tempting Tanner on her blog:

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The AWESOME Ms. Sable Hunter has invited me to be part of her Kindle World! What that means is that I get to use one of her characters from her Hell Yeah! Series in my own book! Fun, right? I’…

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Let’s dance beneath the lights





Let’s dance beneath the lights.

Beneath the sparkling colors.

Between the lifelike statues.

Figures entombed in glass.

The dance floor grows bigger.

The music picks up its beat.

Couples twirl in circles.

Round and round they go.

Until the clock strikes midnight.

And the games finally begin.







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Blood runs smooth

With inky determination.

Filling the ocean

With its crimson red.

It comes in with the tides

To our sandy shore.

Walking the streets of town

With the rise of the moon.

Leaving dead bodies behind

In the wake of its journey.

To come back the next night

To sprinkle blood once more.