**BOOK TOUR** The ThreeStones of Bethany by April Marcom


The kingdom of Bethany was once a beautiful place made up of five magical nations, each with their own special gifts. It all changed in a day, however, when the murderous dredgelings arrived. No one quite knows where they came from or how they keep multiplying, no matter how many are killed in the long, cruel war they’ve waged. 

All seems to be lost, until a human girl named Taylor is mistakenly transported to Bethany. Kane, the king over these nations, despises her whole-heartedly at first, and then she makes him laugh for the first time since the devastation began years ago. And the earthling manages to find new ways to surprise him with her valor and loyalty every single day. Unfortunately, Taylor’s only wish through their dangerous quest to reunite three magical stones and save the kingdom, aside from surviving this fearful place, is to return home.
But as fate goes, she soon discovers the only way to recapture the stones and save the lives of the royals she’s come to love as her first real family is to give up any hope of ever returning to her old life. In the end it all comes down to what sort of hero she truly is, one to her own self, or one to entire nations.

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April Marcom is a Pre-K teacher’s assistant and mother of three. Her greatest passion, second only to her family and faith, is writing romance. Like the characters in her stories, there’s nothing more important to her than the people she loves. 
April has enjoyed writing fiction since grade school, but only began pursuing publication in recent years. She is the author of such books as Good vs. Evil High and Wisteria and the Pirate Assassin. Besides writing, she loves baking, hiking, watching old movies, and dreaming of faraway places.
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I found this book an enchanting story of love and family with plenty of adventure.

We have Taylor going out with her boyfriend and friends for the evening,

And instead of crashing into a wall she crashes into Bethany.

Kane, Holt, Tor and Eve were visiting a magical wise woman or old hag

To find out where their twin sisters had been taken. Luckily they had the information before the car comes crashes through a portal and lands on Brigid the old woman.

This is the moment they meet, Taylor from a completely different life meets Kane and the others. They take Taylor with them in a chase across the five kingdoms of Bethany. At first to find the twins, and them to reunite the stones.

 It was lovely to see qualities and strength of character Taylor developed through the adventure. The love she felt for the family she felt part of.

I happily recommend this read to lovers YA fantasy adventure, and anyone else who fancy a change.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review

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Ten gruesome figures stood around a rusty cage that held two identical little girls with long messy black hair. The girls sat right in the middle, as far away from the bars as they could manage, and hugged each other tightly. Both were crying and trembling in dirty blue dresses. Taylor felt herself trembling, as well. The fear she felt at the sight of the dredglings was even more terrifying than the first time she’d seen them. Now she was alone, the sunlight revealing every hideous feature.

But if she ran away, the girls would probably die, killing a part of her four friends with them. The cage’s door was only held shut by an old unraveling rope. Charity and Hope would be easy to free if she could just get past the dredglings. There was absolutely no way she could take them all on alone, though.

She remembered the firecrackers. Carefully, she rolled to her side and slipped her hand in her pocket. Stupid wrapper, she thought when she realized she would have to take it off. Paper was noisy no matter what.

“Yes, let’s kill them now,” the second dredgling said. “I’ll take the one on the right and you take the one on the left.”

Taylor lay on top of her hands and the package to tear it open.


“No!” one of the girls shrieked.

“Hack, cut them from their confines!”

“Cut them out yourself,” a third voice said.

Taylor slid the fireworks out and took out her lighter. She tried to light it, but didn’t get a flame.

“What was that?” Hack said.

Come on, come on, come on. She tried it again, this time getting it to light just long enough to ignite the fuse.

“Cult, go see what’s up there,” a dredgling said.

“You go see what’s up there.”

Taylor tossed the fireworks over the tree into the ditch and covered her ears.

“BLACK MAGI—” The explosions cut the dredgling off and then they were all shouting almost as loud.

Taylor looked around the tree and watched the dredglings run away through the ditch in both directions, all except for one that had crouched behind the cage and its screaming girls. She reached for her sword, but decided instead to grab her knife. It felt more natural than the sword did and was easier to use. Even the rope would have been a pain to cut off with a sword.

She stood up and ran into the ditch, head pounding with fear. Hopefully, the dredgling would stay where it was. It was too much like a human to kill. She felt fear like she couldn’t imagine, as if she were surrounded by dredglings already, the torture and death only moments away, as she forced herself closer and closer to the one still crouching on the ground with its elongated hands over its head.




When did you start writing, and was there a specific event or person who influenced you to become an author?

I’ve enjoyed writing my whole life. I really began pursuing it in recent years, when my babies became children and I wanted to find a way to remain a stay at home mom and still contribute to our household financially. I love it SO MUCH now; I’m glad I did!

How many books do you have out, and do you have a favorite?

Including THE THREE STONES OF BETHANY, I have 6 books out. In addition, I have 3 short stories available as e-books only, and a short story included in the WINTER ROMANCE FROZEN anthology. My favorite story has always been GOOD VS. EVIL HIGH.

How do you come up with character names?

Any time I hear a name I love, I add it to a list of girl and boy names I keep in a desk drawer as a private reference. It’s long enough now that I have two columns each for girls and boys on the front and I’m working on new columns on the back.

Do you have a favorite author? I love Debbie Macomber, Rachel Renee Russell, & J.K. Rowling.

What are some of your favorite or memorable books that you’ve read?


Every few years I read all the Harry Potter books over again. I still remember before they had all been published being SO excited as I waited for the next one’s release. I’ll never stop loving them!

What is one piece of advice you could give to a new author that you wish someone had passed to you?

I would say it’s important to make sure your story has some unique element and will stand out against all the other submissions. It always plays a big part of each new story I write.

Do you have any pets?

At any given time, we have between three and six dogs. Right now we have the sweetest, most mellow pit bull I’ve ever met, a miniature pincher, a Boston terror/Chinese pug mix, and the cutest little mutt. We also have a cat and a small cow in the back yard.


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