Canvas of The Soul

Author : Melissa Taggert

Release Date : March 17th

Publisher: Extasy

TBR Goodreads:http://ow.ly/y1ar309qTPw


Canvas of the Soul continues the heartwarming Journey of Lindsey and Jason as career, unplanned pregnancy and relationship issues test the strength of their marriage and love for each other. Through their darkest hours of loneliness to the joys of renewed love, their story serves to inspire and uplift.

Other books in the Series:

Canvas of the Heart

Goodreads: http://ow.ly/5pCb309qUsL

Meet Melissa: 

Georgia native Melissa Taggart is a believer in tackling challenges. Diagnosed with CP at the age of three months, as a child she discovered that writing offered her a way to deal with a speech impediment. It not only paved the way for better communication, but she transformed a challenge into the voice of a writer eager to teach the world that people with disabilities are people with the same lives, loves and longings as anyone else. Through Melissa’s amusing, insightful and touching stories, she addresses issues and common misconceptions in a way that will open the eyes and hearts of readers
everywhere. Her goal is to deliver her special message with humor and candidness, as
well as bring greater awareness about the real world of the disabled.
When Melissa is not busy creating the universe of Lindsey, Jason and Max, she enjoys
spending time with her family and friends. She also volunteers part-time in a first grade classroom helping the kids with worksheets and games and other activities..

Connect with Melissa:

Facebook Author Page: http://ow.ly/aQk0309oteM
Book Page On Facebook:
Melissa’s Amazon Author Page:
Melissa’s GoodReads Page:


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