Grandma’s Wedding Quilts: ZEBULON’S BRIDE = Patricia PacJac Carroll

Patricia PacJac Carroll~ I am a writer, Christian
first, and blessed beyond my imagination. I live in the Dallas-Ft Worth area of
Texas with my wonderful treasure of a husband, my spoiled dog, Jacs, and my
awesome son, Josh. Did I say I was blessed? The PacJac is from my initials and my
husbands. I wouldn’t be able to write if it weren’t for him. I love adventure
and the open road. The stories of the western era have always been a favorite
of mine. I enjoy writing, and my goal is to write stories readers will enjoy.

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He’s vowed not to marry
until he reaches Montana. Then he meets her, but she has other ideas.
Zebulon Benton dreams
of going to Montana, but he’s the only son and his mother doesn’t want him to
go and his father needs help with the family store. Unknown to Zeb, his mother
sends off for a mail order bride. After all, if Zeb marries and settles down,
he won’t want to leave.


Enter Amy Gordon from New York. She
appears to be the perfect bride for Zeb. Except she also wants to go to Montana
and nothing is going to stop her especially her love for Zeb.
a rock down the road, Zeb tried everything to stop the calling in his heart to
go to Montana. He’d been ten when an old mountain man sat on the bench in front
of their store and told him tales of mountains that reached to the heavens and
a sky so big, blue, and wide that you’d think it was going to come down and
swallow you. Of a place where grass grew higher than a buffalo and gold nuggets
lined the ground just waiting for a feller to come and pick them up.
his head, Zeb prayed. “God, I know Your Word says to honor your mother and
father. I’m trying. I don’t know how much longer I can stay and work in that
store. It’s not in my heart to do so. Either change me or set me free. Amen.”
He waited but heard nothing more than the
screech of the eagle and the water’s gurgling. Both going somewhere, whereas he
was headed back to town. With a sigh, he cut short the protest in his soul to
leave and resigned himself to another day in the family store.
his head, Franklin Benton got up from the table. Towering over Delia, he
wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. “I know how you fear him
leaving. If Zeb goes, we’ll handle it. Together.
woman waved her over. “Well, don’t just stand there. Do you have your papers?”
Amy strode to her. “What I have is
standing before you. I’m young, strong, and have a desire to go west and marry
a man. I will make him the perfect wife. I am not afraid of hard work or hardly
anything else.”
through some papers, Mrs. Chandler pulled out a piece of stationery decorated
with roses. “I received this request just yesterday. A man named Zebulon in
Colorado is seeking the perfect wife with blond hair.” She ran a finger over
the stationery and frowned. “Though just what kind of man would write on such a
flowery and perfumed paper makes me wonder of his, well, his masculinity.
Perhaps, you would care to take a chance on this,” she looked down. “Zebulon
grew thoughtful. “Once I did. Every now and then the lure of quick riches and
the unknown carefree life of a drifter tickles my soul, but then I think of
Myra and the children. There isn’t anything that compares to holding a woman
you love so much you can’t tell where they end and you start. And the children.
I know they’re loud and wild, but I see them, and I see how life goes on. Yeah,
Zeb, you need to find a good woman to marry.”
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