Grandma’s Wedding Quilts : CHASE’S STORY = P.A. ESTELLE

Estelle was born, long ago, in Iowa City, Iowa.
Her family up and moved to Mesa, AZ, when she was a toddler, and has
remained in Arizona since.
She started writing for children right before
retiring, claiming after working so long with children of all ages, she has
plenty of material to work with. “I was never a reader as a child or teen and I
missed out on so many adventures.  I
think it’s very important in today’s world to get kids reading and keep them
Her books
for the younger group include two children’s picture books, Have You seen My 
and The Red-Eyed Mr. Glumb, a couple
books of magic and fantasy, Hike Up 
Devil’s Mountain and The Bearded
Dude in the Puzzle
, plus a series of time travel adventures
for ages 9 – 13,
The Wickware Sagas.
Penny decided to try her hand at writing for the
older crowd.  She now has a family drama
desertion and addiction, four contemporary
romances, a paranormal romance and five historical 
western romances under her belt.  She and her husband also wrote a non fiction
short story on their 
experience living with solar.
Penny Estelle was a school secretary for
twenty-one years.  After retiring, she
and her husband 
moved to their fifty-four acre ranch in NW Arizona
where they live off the grid.
  Solar and
wind is 
the only source of electricity.  “A real adjustment for a city girl, but I
love it.
  At night, the sky is an explosion of stars.  It is breathtaking!”
If Penny is not working on stories, she enjoys
four-wheeling on unexplored roads, visiting with 
family (especially her seven grandchildren), and
enjoys the occasional visits to the casinos.

She also admits her weakness is ice cream, anytime,


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Chase wanted no part of
going to college or following in his father’s footsteps and becoming a
Doctor.  His dream involved cattle and
horses and he follows that dream to the Arizona Territory.
 One cold, rainy day his life takes a turn
when he finds himself looking down the muzzle of a Colt Walker barely being
held up by a woman who has been badly beaten along with her three-year old son.  Will she be someone Chase could let into his
heart or someone who could destroy his life?


You better hobble them lips boy!” Another
fit of coughing took July’s words. When he was done, he squinted at Chase. “You
ever been to the Arizona Territory?” Chase shook his head. “In the summer it’s
hotter than blue blazes. Damn near sweated the life right out of me the one and
only time I was there in them months. That’s why I come back here every spring.
Guess the cool and cold suit me better.”

“What’s happening with your brother’s place?”
“Foreman’s name is Ed Durbin. He’s watching it. Good man who’s been
there a few years. Guess I need to find me some fool idiot that wants to live
in Hell and sell it.”

Chase sat up quickly. “I might be that idiot, July. I’ve dang near put
away every cent I’ve been paid while working here. What are you looking to get
for it?”
July laid against his saddle and blew smoke rings in the air. He was the
most easy-going man Chase had ever met. “I still got Ma and Pa’s place here in
Missouri. Small cabin atwix a few trees. I go check on it every once in a while
to make sure there ain’t no squatters.” July drew out a tin flask from his
jacket and took a hardy swig. “Truth is, I got the long face from the doc not too
long ago. Told me to give up my drinking and cigars.” Hard coughing took hold
of him. “I’m dying anyway, why give up the only two things I like?”

“July, I’m sorry. You should be resting, not out here in the cold night

“That’s a fact.” The old man looked at the stars. “When we get back, you
and me’ll sit down and do some figuring. The only money I’ll be needed is
enough to keep me in my two favorite things for a few more months. I’ll make my
mark on the papers my bother give me and you’ll be a ranch owner your own

Chase stared at the old cuss of a man. He didn’t know what to say.

“Shall we shake on it?” July asked, leaning on his elbow, holding out
his hand.
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