Great Summer Reads Countdown Blitz: RISING TIDE ( Dark Innocence ) = Claudette Melanson

Claudette Melanson
writes dark fantasy in Kitchener, Ontario with four bun babies: Tegan, Pepper,
Butters & Beckett. She graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania
with a BA in English, BS in English Education and an MA in Literature.
Harboring a deep admiration of vampires since the age of five left her with the
desire to eventually become one, and now fuels the creation of her favorite
paranormal characters. She hopes to one day work full time as an author, since
there are many, many stories playing out inside her head.

In her very scant spare time, she enjoys watching Japanese Anime and reading
vampire stories…along with other genres of great fiction, as well as riding
every roller coaster she encounters in both her hometown and away at signings.
An advocate for good health and ketogenic eating, her favorite foods are
bulletproof coffee, cashew-flour crust pizza and treats made with xylitol and
almond, coconut or cashew flours.

Future dreams include a cabin boasting a roaring fire, isolated inside a
snow-filled wood in the Yukon—the perfect writing spot—and the completion of
dozens of future novels and stories. A Rabbit Rescue fanatic and loving bunmom,
she also hopes to help rescues all over the world save many innocent lives.


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When a cruel prank
nearly claims Maura’s life, one of her classmates, Ron, rushes to her rescue.
Darkly handsome & mysteriously accepting, Ron doesn’t seem to want to stay
away, but Maura is reluctant to get too close, since her mother has announced
she’s moving the two of them to Vancouver…nearly 3,000 miles away from their
hometown of Indiana, Pennsylvania.


If life wasn’t already challenging enough, Maura begins to experience bizarre,
physical changes her mother seems hell bent on ignoring, compelling Maura to
fear for her own life. Vicious nightmares, blood cravings, failing health and
the heart-shattering loss of Ron—as well as the discovery of a tangled web of
her own mother’s lies—become obstacles in Maura’s desperate quest for the
unfathomable truth she was never prepared to uncover.



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A dream sequence
My vision was blurred, and the light in the room was too intensely
bright. The same headache I’d been plagued with that afternoon pulsated through
my skull. I made every effort to shut it all out and focus on that face. The
long dark hair told me it was Ron before I could fully make out his features in
the haziness that was my sight. When my vision sharpened, he smiled at me, but
the softness in his eyes held the hard edge of worry.
“How are you feeling?” He kept his voice barely above a whisper,
which meant he knew how sensitive my hearing was. Maybe he knew what was wrong
with me. I was hurting all over…my throat burned like a bonfire, and the rest
of me was so cold, I was sure they must be transfusing me with ice water.
I tried to speak to him, to demand a diagnosis, but I was too weak
to utter a single word. Caelyn appeared then, cooing over me protectively and
imploring me to save my strength and keep quiet.
My eyes were drawn to a shape in the doorway of my hospital room.
There was someone there, a tall, hulking human filling up the space. He—it had
to be a man given the size—was shrouded in darkness. I could make out no
discerning features whatsoever. A nurse pushed past him, only because he moved
to allow it. Funny, even when she was right behind him, I could make out every
detail about her. It was as if all the darkness in the room were reserved,
solely, for this unknown stranger.
The nurse brought in a blood bag. Although I couldn’t remember any
accident or see any bandaged wound, my brain tried to ferret out a reason for a
blood transfusion while she was hooking up the bag.
While watching her, my eyes switched focus, glancing over at the
liquid in the bag. Deep, dark crimson. I couldn’t tear my eyes away. My mouth
was like dry desert sand, my throat the merciless sun burning over that desert
at high noon.
A rattling gasp tore up through my chest, and my body convulsed. I
was sure I was dying. My blood must’ve had some horrible disease tainting it,
and the transfusion’s purpose was to dilute the infection.
Ron put his hand on my chest to hold me down. He seemed troubled,
but other than that, much too calm for the gravity of the situation. “Relax,”
he said to me with that same softness to his voice, “you just need blood,
He reached out and nodded to the nurse. She stopped what she was
doing and took the bag down, placing it in Ron’s hand. He tore open the bottom,
in a practiced manner, and held it to my lips.
“Drink, Maura. It’ll help you faster this way.”


As shocked as I was by this turn of events, I complied. In all my
waking hours, nothing had ever tasted better. And even though I knew what was
happening was not what was supposed to be happening, in my dream I tore the bag
from his grasp so I could gulp its contents down faster.
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