Great Summer Reads Countdown Blitz: Such A Secret Place by Cortney Pearson


Pearson is a mother, a musician, and a lover of all things pink and sparkly.
She is the author of Phobic, about doors that shouldn’t be opened, and the
Stolen Tears series, about an enchanted vial of tears and the girl chosen to
wield them. 
Cortney lives with her husband and three sons in a small Idaho farm
town. She loves chocolate, romantic books, and classical music, and believes
anything can be made better with a book tucked away for those just-in-case
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She is
their protector.


In an emotionless world, tears are a precious commodity, valued for their magic
and sold on the black market. When Ambry stumbles across a vial of these
enchanted tears, she finds herself the target of not only the tyrannical
Arcaian army, who is stealing her people’s magic left and right, but of
handsome, battle-scarred Talon Haraway, who seeks the tears for his own
personal vengeance.

Ambry soon realizes the reason for their interference: these tears are the most
powerful ever shed. They are the key to saving her people and rescuing her
brother and others who’ve been taken by the Arcaians.With the Arcaian army
threatening her every move, and Talon attempting to take the tears from her,
Ambry must keep the tears safe at all costs. Her people need them. Her brother
needs them. She needs them.

And they need her.

With bold twists, a riveting world of magic-powered technology, and a
slow-sizzle romance, find out why readers are calling Such a Secret Place
“totally original!”



should go,” she says. “Obviously you came down here for something, and I’m in
your way.”
steps in, catching her by the wrist, surprising both her and himself.
of their gazes skim to where their skin touches. A current that has nothing to
do with magic or electricity passes between them. He releases her, his voice
husky. “Sorry, I only wanted to catch your attention. You don’t have to leave.
I can go.”
Her hands dart out. Then she smoothes over her hair once more. “I mean, you can
stay, if you want.”
watch you dance?”


chews her lip, tracing a foot over an invisible line in the tile. “You could
dance with me, if you wanted.”
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