#BOOK TOUR + Giveaway# Interviewing For Her Lover by Ellis O. Day

Steamy Romance/Erotica
Date Published: May 2017
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Sarah wants a lover, but she wants one on her terms.  She doesn’t have time to date and picking a guy up at a bar is not only dangerous but it doesn’t guarantee he’ll let her act out her fantasies.  Then she hears about La Petite Morte Club—a place for willing males and females to meet with rules and contracts so that all parties leave satisfied.
She signs up with the club and starts the process of finding the man who’ll be her lover for six nights.  Six nights of fantasy—his and hers. Six nights of sex and then they’re done.  Simple, uncomplicated and fun, but she doesn’t count on Nick’s ability to make her desire everything he has to offer and more.



“Come here.” He shifted his chair so it was facing away from the table.
“Why?” She wanted to obey, but she forced herself to remain seated.
“I’d like a better look at what you showed the other night. A closer look.”
The throbbing between her legs made her shift on her seat. If she got too close and he touched her, she’d let him do anything. She wanted him that badly. She stood. “No touching.”
He frowned but nodded.
She walked over to him, her hands shaking a little.
“Turn around.”
She did as he commanded.
“Raise your skirt.”
Her hands trembled as she gathered the cloth between her fists, slowly raising it to right below her butt.
“Higher, please.” His voice was a whisper of desire that twisted in her stomach and settled between her thighs.
“That’s as high as I went the other night.” She wanted to raise her skirt all the way and sit on his lap, take him inside of her, but this wasn’t the time. They still had a contract to go over.
“May I touch you.” He’d leaned forward, his breath a heated caress at the small of her back. “Just where your skin is bare.”
She shouldn’t, but she nodded. She could swear she heard the smile in his exhale as his hand, rough and warm ran up her outer thigh and then down before sliding around to the back. His fingers trailed upward, this time on her inner thigh. It was a slow caress and she wanted to spread her legs to give him better access, but he stopped right at her skirt. Her heart pounded, wanting him to continue and his breathing was warm and ragged on her legs.
“Turn around.”
His voice was barely a whisper but it may as well have been a command because there was no way she could disobey. When she turned, his face would be right where she wanted it.


Author Bio

Ellis O. Day grew up with her nose buried in books and now enjoys writing the kind of stories she loves to read.  Romance—the steamier the better—as long as there’s love in the heart (and plot). 
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