#ARC REVIEW#Firebinders: Marek (The Firebinders series Book 1) by Bestselling Author ISOBELLE CATE

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A firebinder. A scientist. A blood that heals. A blood that kills. A supernatural mortal in search of his kind. A woman in danger of losing her life and her heart.


Marek Bannach, a firebinder, is in search of the rest of his kind – mortals with the gift of fire in their blood – before they are killed off by someone only known as The Shadow. Accepting his friend’s help of a meeting with a powerful witch in New Orleans, his thoughts of self-preservation get derailed when he rescues a woman who stirs his blood not realizing that she has something he needs.

Gwen Fraser never expected a man with the deepest blue green eyes to keep rescuing her from danger. He intrigues her and sets her heart racing. Escaping those who want to harm her because of her research, she agrees to go to New Orleans with him. En route, he gives her an unguarded moment of pleasure, not realizing that he has something she wants.

Thrown together by circumstances dictated by Serendipity, they succumb to the passion that engulfs them even if only for a few days. But danger isn’t far behind and Gwen’s life is under threat once more.

Now that he has found the woman the universe has decreed to be his, Marek must keep her safe at all cost.

Because he is nothing without her.

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What a pleasure this is to receive an ARC from Isobelle Cate for Book one in brand new Series. For fans of The Cynn Cruor Bloodline Series this spin off featuring Zac and Faith looking for more people like her, Firebinders with the ability to heal.
If you are fresh to the scene no problem, this is the start of a new series and can be read as such. Now for the book a great start to a brilliant new series, in this we meet Marek a rich oil and businessman and playboy to boot.
Gwen is a scientist working for a pharmaceuticals company when the owner makes her uneasy so Gwen gives in her notice and leaves. When two men follow her to frighten her? Marek rescues her and takes her to New Orleans until she can get a flight back to England.
New Orleans is where the adventure and action really starts in and out of the bedroom. This has everything paranormal, plenty of action and a great love story what more do want? I know the next book, I can’t wait! Addicted to another series from Isobelle Cate.
I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

5 stars

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