Captain Hotness by Weston Parker
Release Day: October 24th


I’m a single father. A widower. A Firefighter.

That means I’m trained to find danger in every situation.

So how did I not see Bailey coming? She’s the spark that starts an inferno. She’s the fuel for the passion in my heart. She’s been nothing more than a friend since we were kids, but fuck me, she’s all grown up now. It’s her that I go to for comic relief after a million blind-dates, each more ridiculous than the last. And then, without any warning, like a backdraft that kills everyone in its path, she swept me right off my feet.

Now I need her the way flames need oxygen. With a passion that leaves me aching and hard as shit.

But will I be able to convince her I’ve changed?

That I’m not the player she thinks I am, but the man I know she wants me to be? Fuck if I know, but I gotta try with everything inside of me. My best friend’s little sister is in for one hell of a love story.

It goes something like this… I’m her man, and my heart is all hers. And her body is all mine. Cause with her? I don’t put out fires. I start them.


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“She’s at the bar.” Nina sat down at the table we were shown to and smiled up at me. “Go get me a Bud Light in a bottle with a lime.”
“What?” I glanced down at my sister and back up at Bailey, who had yet to notice me. “The waiter will-“
“Now, please.” Nina pushed at my stomach softly. “Go. Get. Me. A. Beer. At. The. Bar.”
“What are you, a robot now?” I smiled and turned toward the bar. “How did you know that was her?”
“She hasn’t changed a bit.” My sister snorted and glanced over her shoulder. “She’s filled out, but she still looks like little Bailey down the street, Jer.”
“No.” I shook my head and headed toward her. “No, she doesn’t. Not in the slightest.”
The little girl with boy’s clothes, pigtails, and mud all over her face was all but gone. The woman in front of me was stunning and left my body hard and aching like a mother fucker.
“Jeremy.” She smiled and pressed her hands to the bar before looking toward my table. She leaned closer and whispered playfully, “Another date? Need help?”
I laughed and glanced over my shoulder before turning back to her. “No. My older sister.”
“Nina?” Her eyes lit up.
“Yeah. She’s saving me from another blind date Mother set me up on.” I shrugged. “My mom wants me to move on.”
“I think that’s very sweet of her to stay involved in your life.” She reached up and tucked a strand of dark hair behind her ears. I wanted so badly to see her hair down, to slip my fingers into it, to make love to her pretty pink lips.
“Sweet?” I forced a laugh. “Try again. It’s a pain in the ass, but I love her too much to tell her to back off.”
“Tell Nina to do it?” She offered before bending down to grab something from the counter below her. The white button-down shirt she wore opened just right. The muted pink bra she wore pressed her tits up, their creamy tops thick and beautiful. My cock pulsed in my jeans and pressed against the back of my belt.
Fuck me. She was everything I wanted. I hadn’t thought about making love to a woman in ages, much less taking my time to explore her fully. I wanted quick and dirty so that it was over and I could get on with life. I didn’t want anything soft, sensitive or loving.
“Like what you see?” She glanced up to find me half-drooling. Fuck.
“Yes. You’re so beautiful.” I sat down at the barstool closest to me. “I can’t even find remnants of the little girl who Rhys and I tossed in the air or drug around in the mud.”



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