AUDIO ALERT: Chasing His Squirrel By Golden Angel is NOW ON AUDIBLE!

★★★ A U D I O   A L E R T★★★
Chasing His Squirrel by Golden Angel is NOW ON AUDIBLE!!!


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When Brady Bunson first meets Jesse O’Neal, she’s sick and dying from one of the illnesses ravaging the small shifter population. Thankfully, Jesse is actually an ideal candidate for Dr. Montgomery’s work…. All the pain the Bunson family has gone through at the doctor’s hands will finally save a life instead of ruining one.
Although Brady is falling for Jesse, he doesn’t really know what to do with his emotions.
The Company is still out there, and his family won’t be safe until they’re taken down – and now that Jesse is a successful experiment using the same science, she won’t be either.
He can’t seem to stay away from Jesse, but can he really claim her as his own when he’s about to go to war with the Company?

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