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Spotted Her First
Emma Dean
Publication date: June 26th 2018
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Three hot leopard shifters? Yes please.

Piper is a librarian at Sacramento State working on her graduate thesis, but her quiet life turns upside down when three hot guys literally crash into her world. They move into her house and her life, telling her she’s wanted by a demon and a witch for her pharaoh’s blood. She just didn’t realize how much they would take over her life in the name of protecting her.

Piper is overwhelmed by the paranormal world and everything in it, including the fact that somehow all three of these guys are her mates. She has two weeks to find a way out of a demon contract and figure out how she’s going to deal with all three of these domineering shifters in her life and in her apartment. Will Piper be able to save herself and the pride she’s grown attached to before it’s too late?

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Suddenly there was air again and she could breathe. “What the hell?” Piper never cursed. Ever. Her dad had always been strict about it.
“I’m sorry about that,” the security guard said with a wince. “I always forget about the air thing.”
Piper turned around to glare at him, but was so surprised she blinked and froze in place instead. The security guard was no longer a security guard. His face was still just as inhumanly gorgeous as before, but he wore a grey suit that was impeccably tailored and probably cost more than her car instead of the uniform she’d seen him in.
“I’m Eisheth,” he told her, eyeing her from head to toe.
It made Piper feel a bit self-conscious. She looked down at her comfortable flats and the flowy skirt that went down to her knees. Her belt accentuated her small waist and the button down shirt was crisp and white. She’d rolled up the sleeves to her elbows, but otherwise she wore what she normally wore. It was professional, comfortable, and practical.
“Well, what exactly did you just do to me?” she demanded, checking his arm for blood, but there was nothing. It was as though she’d never bitten him down to the bone from what she could tell.
The shock of their new location and too many strange things not adding up had her confused and not quite sure how to respond. She’d been ready to lose it and now she was just…numb. Was this even real? Suddenly she felt dizzy. Piper sat in the nearest chair and then realized she was in some kind of penthouse. She leaped up and looked around at the posh space.
“Please explain,” Piper gritted out, turning back to Eisheth.
He grimaced and Piper crossed her arms over her chest.
“You have to understand. I was summoned. There’s nothing I can do about it once I’m called. I’m under contractual obligation by the universe. If someone knows my full name they can summon me for a favor.”
“Summon?” she asked faintly, dropping into the chair again.
Why was he talking like something out of Buffy?
“Yeah, can I get you something to drink?” he asked, tugging at his sleeves until they were just so.
“Something with alcohol,” she said meekly.
Too many strange things. It was all starting to add up, but not in a way she could wrap her head around.
Eisheth poured her something with a smell that made her eyes water and handed it to her. Piper drank it down without question. She knew she needed it no matter how much it made her cough. “How can you be summoned?”
Eisheth studied her over the rim of his glass. “I’m a demon, sweetie.”
“Right, of course.”
“I’m pretty sure that bastard Forneus has been giving out my name like party favors. That’s the last time I play poker with him.” Eisheth glared at nothing in particular, but Piper couldn’t look away from him.
He was charming and handsome in the way that most clean cut men were. His hair was a gentle brown with tons of little tiny curls. His skin was nice and tanned, but it was his sharp jaw and dark brown eyes that made him attractive. Even though he was physically beautiful with muscles even the suit couldn’t hide, he made her nervous. Nope, not just nervous. This guy freaked her out.
He was a demon.
A flippin’ demon.



Author Bio:

Emma Dean lives and works in California with her husband and son. She loves romance but needed something different so Draga Court was born. With too many stories to write the schedule has been filled through 2018.

When she’s not writing she’s reading, or spending time with her family.

With publishing now at least she has an excuse for not folding the laundry 😉


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