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From New York Times bestselling author Cassia Leo comes CASH, a scorching hot romance about overwhelming passion, dangerous bets, and family loyalty.

Title: CASH
Author: Cassia Leo
Series: Power Players
Release: November 20th

About CASH

From New York Times bestselling author Cassia Leo comes a scorching hot romance about overwhelming passion, dangerous bets, and family loyalty.

Kara needs fast cash to pay her ailing father’s gambling debts. Dealing blackjack at the Billionaire Club is her lucky break. Until a scorching hot one-night-stand with bad boy oil tycoon Cash Westbrook turns into a million-dollar bet. Cash agrees to pay her father’s debts…if Kara pretends to be his fiancée.

Kara agrees to Cash’s terms, but she doesn’t expect to find herself falling for him. And when it comes to love, all bets are off.

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This is the third time I’ve unsuccessfully tried to get the fingerprint scanner to read my thumbprint. It’s hard trying to keep my finger steady when there are eight vodka tonics in my bloodstream and five slender fingers curled around my cock.
“Hurry up,” she slurs, tightening her grip. “I want your huge cock inside me.”
My fingers slide clumsily over the scanner again, and I silently curse myself for telling my bodyguards to wait downstairs. “Just turn around and I’ll fuck you right here.”
She giggles as she turns around and lifts the back of her sheer white mini-dress, which is soaked through from the wet bikini she’s wearing underneath. “Be my guest,” she says, looking back at me with a lazy grin.
Her ass is round and smooth, with an odd sparkle to it, like she used some kind of tanning creme with shimmer in it. Turning away from the front door of my penthouse to face her, I lose my balance and nearly tip over as I reach out to smack it. She howls with laughter as she places her hand on the wall so she doesn’t fall over.
“I’ll fuck that ass six ways from Sunday,” I say, grabbing her hips to steady myself.
I slide my hand into the back of her bikini bottoms and smile as I drag my finger forward through her moisture.
“Damn, baby. You’re wetter than a fucking tsunami.”
“Fuck me, Cash,” she begs, her voice sounding more whiny than sexy.
Not that I care. The girl has an ass like Scarlett Johansson and a face like Natalie Portman. This is the first time I’ve seen her at one of my best buddy Dean’s pool parties. This means she’s either a newbie on the scene or a Vegas tourist. Either way, she’s expendable. I don’t even remember her name. I can fuck her tonight and I won’t have to worry about ever seeing her again.
She continues to giggle as I slide my finger out of her slick pussy, then she lets out a loud hiccup. “Oops!”
I chuckle as I push her wet bikini bottoms down to reveal her creamy cheeks. “Fasten your seatbelt, because I’m about to ride you like a fucking roller coaster.”
“Just…fuck me already.” She’s slurring again.
I blink my eyes a few times when her two ass cheeks turns into four. Then I reach into my back pocket. Fuck. Where are my condoms? I turn away from her and stare at the shiny steel elevator doors. Should I go down and ask one of my bodyguards for a condom? Or should I just ask them to come up and let me into my apartment, where I have a whole fucking drawer full of them?
I shake my head. Nah, I’ll just try to open the door again. I’ll get it right this time.
When I turn around again, the hottie with the ass is on her knees. She dry heaves a couple of times into the corner of the vestibule. Then she spews milky white vomit all over the dark-gray carpet. The girl’s heaving body disappears as my mind is whisked away to a dark California beach.



This is a book had everything, a fun read with Billionaire who has lived his life with wine women and song. When he wants to be taken seriously, he decided he needs a fake fiancée. After meeting Kara at the millionaire’s gambling club and decides it’s his last night gambling. Then he asks her if she willing to be his fake fiancée to help impress the board of Westbrook Oil the company his family built. After all his antics they’re are saying he is detrimental to the Image of the company.
The chemistry between Cash and Kara is of the charts, as they get to know each other their affection begin to turn into love. While Cash has been open and you can’t help but love him. Kara keeps her secrets, they certainly came back to bite her. My god Cash was wonderful to Kara, but she was determined to keep her father’s problems to her self.
Cash and Kara were so good together it was wonderful story to read, with chemistry of the charts, scorching hot sex , and plenty of action in and out of the bedroom. this book had it all. One of those you start reading and before you know it your at the end. What a wonderful epilogue!



About Cassia Leo



New York Times bestselling author Cassia Leo loves her coffee, chocolate, and margaritas with salt. When she’s not writing, she spends way too much time re-watching Game of Thrones and Sex and the City. When she’s not binge watching, she’s usually enjoying the Oregon rain with a hot cup of coffee and a book.

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