ARC Review: GAME ON ( Heartbreakers and Heroes A Novella ) by Bestselling Author CIANA STONE Release on December 25th! @CianaStone


Game on BC


Dillon Walker loves football. Always has. When a promising career playing was cut short by an injury, he didn’t let it rob him of his love for the game. He just moved to the sidelines. Coaching.

So here he is, back in Cray County, the head coach of the Cotton Creek Mustangs. And so far, life is okay.

Until there’s a threat against his family, and suddenly he’s being saddled with a body guard.

A blonde body guard.

With curve from hell.

And who might just know as much about the game as Dillon.

Have mercy.




Game on is a novella that reads like a novel there is so much action involved. We meet Dillon Walker the football Coach at Cotton Creek high school. In Lincoln Shaw Lulu was brought to Cotton Creek to pose as Dillon’s Assistant Coach and girlfriend. As you all know Lulu fell in love with Lincoln, so Josie has been brought to be his new bodyguard and fake girlfriend. All because his uncle is a US Senator and receiving threats against his family.
Have you got all that, Josie is colleague and friend of Lulu’s, so she fits in and begins to love her assignment, and her assignment begins to love her back.
Wow this is a hot romance between Dillon and Josie, with plenty of action in and out of bed. We begin to see more of the Walker family in this novel as we get ready to start The Legacy Series still based around Cotton Creek and I can’t wait




About the Author:

I’m a country girl at heart and I’m quite keen on home-grown heroes, military men and cowboys. Happily-ever-after is something I believe in with my whole heart. Love may be a bumpy road and there are bound to be perils along the way but in the end, love should win. I try to take that attitude into my writing and believe that love, hope and laughter are some of the best medicine there is. Along with books. Lots of books.
I have a passion for sagas. I love to fall into a world, get to know characters and have them reappear in stories down the road. Because of that, I wrote my Cotton Creek Saga. So far, there are two series within the saga, Honky Tonk Angels and Heartbreakers & Heroes, with another, Heritage, on the way in 2019.
I love to hear from readers and want ever since person who has read one of my book to know how much I thank them. To every reader who has spent his or her hard-earned reading dollars on a Ciana Stone book, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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