#FREEBIE Alert# Betrayed by Natasha Knight is FREE. Grab the prequel to Unhinged now!



Betrayed by Natasha Knight is FREE!

Grab the prequel to Unhinged now!

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I didn’t think I had anything left to lose when I went to him. It was the only way to save what was left of my family. I knew I was taking a chance, knew there would be consequences, but I had no choice. Not if I wanted to save my brother. 

He warned me to be careful. That my brother wasn’t who I thought he was. I didn’t believe him though. Not until it was too late. 

And it cost us both everything. 

Betrayed is the 7500 word prequel to the intensely emotional dark standalone romance, UNHINGED.

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2xP3IWM
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DAMAGED ( A Walker Brothers #3 ) by NY Times & US Today Bestselling Author J.S. Scott is NOW LIVE!!


Damaged!: A Walker Brothers Novel: (The Walker Brothers Book 3) 

The final book of the Walker Brothers Trilogy!!!

What happens when your entire future is destroyed in moments?


name is Dane Walker, and I’m entirely, irrevocably damaged. I lost my
whole life in the plane crash that killed my father and left me scarred,
both physically and emotionally, barely clinging to life in a hospital
as the sole survivor of the accident.. I wasn’t fit to function in the
city, so I moved to my own private island in the Bahamas to lick my
wounds alone.

I’d spent my adult life building up my solitary existence on Walker’s Cay.

I was fine with being by myself.

I was resigned to my fate.

But then I met her.

My brothers sent her; I wanted to send her away.

But…I couldn’t.

about Kenzie Jordan reminds me of myself. She’s broken just like me. I
want to save her from whatever secrets she’s hiding. She was handed a
pretty raw deal in life, and she’s the strongest woman I’ve ever known.
I couldn’t leave her alone on the streets somewhere, so I decided to
keep her, even though it costed me my peace of mind.

Sure, I
wanted Kenzie in my bed. The white-hot chemistry has been there since
the moment I saw her. But she leaves me craving something…more.

I thought I was helping Kenzie…until I wasn’t.

out, we may end up saving each other. She’s the cure for my profound
loneliness. Can a messed up, solitary man like me ever be enough for a
woman like her? I hope so, because I don’t plan on ever letting her



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celebrate the release of DAMAGED!, Author J.S. Scott is giving her fans
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Scott is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of steamy
romance. She’s an avid reader of all types of books and literature.
Writing what she loves to read, J.S. Scott writes both contemporary
steamy romance stories and paranormal romance erotic’s. They almost
always feature an Alpha Male and have a happily ever after because she
just can’t seem to write them any other way! 


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“Fun, sexy, and full of heart, SHACKING UP is a laugh-out-loud love story with explosive chemistry and lovable characters. Helena Hunting has done it again!” – USA Today Bestselling Author Melanie Harlow

Shacking Up by Helena Hunting is just 99¢ for a limited time only!


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Ruby Scott is months behind on rent and can’t seem to land a steady job. She has one chance to turn things around with a big audition. But instead of getting her big break, she gets sick as a dog and completely bombs it in the most humiliating fashion. All thanks to a mysterious, gorgeous guy who kissed—and then coughed on—her at a party the night before.
Luckily, her best friend might have found the perfect opportunity; a job staying at the lavish penthouse apartment of hotel magnate Bancroft Mills while he’s out of town, taking care of his exotic pets. But when the newly-evicted Ruby arrives to meet her new employer, it turns out Bane is the same guy who got her sick.
Seeing his role in Ruby’s dilemma, Bane offers her a permanent job as his live-in pet sitter until she can get back on her feet. Filled with hilariously awkward encounters and enough sexual tension to heat a New York City block, Shacking Up, from NYT and USA Today bestselling author Helena Hunting, is sure to keep you laughing and swooning all night long.

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Truth or Beard by Penny Reid is just 99¢ for ONE WEEK ONLY!

PENNY REID 99 unnamed-2[99431]

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A hot down-home romance with extra beardy goodness. I loved it!” -Kylie Scott, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

Truth or Beard by Penny Reid is just 99¢ for ONE WEEK ONLY!

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Beards, brothers, and bikers! Oh my!

Identical twins Beau and Duane Winston might share the same devastatingly handsome face, but where Beau is outgoing and sociable, Duane is broody and reserved. This is why perpetually level-headed Jessica James has been in naïve and unhealthy infatuation with Beau Winston for most of her life. Whereas Duane and Jessica have always been adversaries. She can’t stand him, and she’s pretty sure he can’t stand the sight of her…

But after a case of mistaken identity, Jessica finds herself in a massive confusion kerfuffle. Jessica James has spent her whole life paralyzed by the fantasy of Beau and her assumptions of Duane’s disdain; therefore she’s unprepared for the reality that is Duane’s insatiable interest, as well as his hot hands and hot mouth and hotter looks.

When Jessica finds herself drawn to the man who was always her adversary, how much of her level-head heart is she willing to risk?

Truth or Beard is book #1 in the Winston Brother’s series. Each book is a standalone, full length, contemporary romantic comedy/women’s fiction novel, and follows the exploits and adventures of one of the six Winston Brothers.




The Negotiator, a sexy, romantic comedy standalone by Avery Flynn is just 99¢ for ONE DAY ONLY on Amazon!

Negotiator 99c

The Negotiator, a sexy, romantic comedy standalone by Avery Flynn is just 99¢ for ONE DAY ONLY on Amazon!


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Wanted: Personal Buffer
Often snarly, workaholic executive seeks “buffer” from annoying outside distractions AKA people. Free spirits with personal boundary issues, excessive quirks, or general squeamishness need not apply. Salary negotiable. Confidentiality required.
Workaholic billionaire Sawyer Carlyle may have joked he needed a buffer from their marriage-obsessed mom, but he didn’t need a waiting room filled with candidates to further distract him. (Thanks, bro.) But when a sexy job applicant shooes his mom and the socialite in tow out of his office, Sawyer sees the genius of the plan. And the woman. In fact, Miss Clover Lee might just get the fastest promotion in history, from buffer to fake fiancé…
This free-spirit might look like hot sunshine and lickable rainbows, but she negotiates like a pitbull. Before Sawyer knows what hit him, he’s agreed to give up Friday nights for reality tv, his Saturdays for flea markets (why buy junk still baffles him), his Tuesdays and Thursdays for date nights (aka panty-losing opportunities if he plays his cards right). And now she wants lavender bath salts and tulips delivered every Monday?
Yup, she’s just screwing with him. Good thing she’s got this non-negotiable six-weeks-and-she’s-gone rule or Sawyer may have just met this match…

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Author J.S. Scott Goodreads Page ✅ ⬇

Mine For Tonight – Amazon http://amzn.to/21ncS0M
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#SALE ALERT# Captive Vow by Alta Hensley is only 99c!


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Captive Vow by Alta Hensley is only 99c!


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I take you.
To honor and obey.
Till death do us part.
This is my solemn vow.

I am caught in the madness of a deep obsession. Stolen away to become his perfect and dutiful wife. 
Trapped in a twisted and dark courtship. Forced and trained in the wifely duties of an obedient bride.
I am his.
Captive ever after… 

***Captive Vow is a dark romantic thriller. If you don’t like a sprinkle of shock, a dash of taboo, and a heavy dose of sex, then don’t take a sip of my cocktail***

RARE SALE : The Pirate’s Witch by Jennifer Blackstream is .99 Cents for a Limited Time!


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The Pirate’s Witch by Jennifer Blackstream is .99 Cents for a Limited Time!

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Praise for The Pirate’s Witch –

“This is hands down one of the most gripping and beautiful love stories I’ve read. Tear jerking, heartbreaking, so deep and romantic! I loved it!” – Amazon Reviewer

A fast-paced tale of kidnapping, desire, and second chances by USA Today bestselling paranormal romance author Jennifer Blackstream.



Tyr is going to die. Unless he can capture the elusive firebird and deliver it to the ogre king, the one-handed pirate will become a gruesome example of what happens when you cross the ogres. With only his wits and his charm, he must now seek out the one woman who can help him catch his prey. Failing that…. Well, a pirate only asks politely once.


Ingrid is an earth witch with every intention of staying on earth. No pirate, no matter how dashing, will lure her away from her home onto a floating deathtrap. Unfortunately, she underestimated Tyr’s determination. And now he’s underestimated hers…


He claims to value no one’s life more than his own. Ingrid has three days to change his mind. Or change her own…

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The Prince free download

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The Prince by Skye Warren is FREE for a limited time only!

Penny doesn’t dream about a prince coming to save her from the trailer park. She knows better than that. And the boy she finds hiding in the woods out back is too wild and dangerous to trust. But he may be her only chance at survival.

Grab your copy today!

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From New York Times bestselling author Skye Warren comes an emotional new spin-off series. THE PRINCE is a 13,000-word prologue to the new Masterpiece duet. 

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It was her thirtieth birthday and defense attorney Hannah Rowan had looked forward to enjoying a nice, quiet evening at home with her favorite book and something she didn’t have to cook for dinner…until she discovered that her best friend “crazy Cindy” had planned a birthday surprise for her that left her driving thirty miles outside of town to retrieve her “surprise” birthday gift. Hannah wasn’t in for any normal surprise. Her gift was one that shocked her. Her secret desire had been discovered and she was in for more than she had ever imagined.

Ryan Brenner was astonished when he opened the door of his friend Mike’s BDSM training house. Hannah Rowan was a thorn in his side that he had crossed paths with many times during his career as a prosecutor. What in the hell was she doing in a BDSM training facility?

Mike wasn’t available to meet with Hannah as her friend had arranged…but Ryan was ready and able to fulfill her darkest fantasies and bring her into a world where the lines of pleasure and pain merged. He wanted to break through her icy exterior and find the woman who secretly wanted a man to dominate her.

Will Hannah run away from her desires or can she let go and give in to the dark needs that have haunted her for years with the man who has been in the center of her fantasies?
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