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Title: Lady Guardians: Grace’s Redemption

Mase and Grace Part 1

Author: Sydney Aaliyah Michelle

Genre: BWWM Motorcycle Romance

Release Date: October 12, 2018 




Love tore them apart, revenge brought them redemption and a way back together, but at what cost? 


Mase Scott wants revenge. 
Determined to avenge his brother’s murder, Mase puts his dreams on hold and hurts the only girl he has every loved. He pushed her away to protect her, however, revenge bring them back together. After learning about Grace’s secret, his priority is to protect her at all cost event if it pits him against his own club. 
Grace Smith wants redemption. 
When the man she’s loved all her life pushes her away, Grace seeks refuse with the Lady Guardians. She learns the true meaning of the word family. The club teaches her to take care of herself, but her connection to Mase is stronger than they both realized. Her redemption tour has her choosing between her crew and the man she loves. 
Grace’s Redemption is part one a sizzling MC Romance novella. If you like sexy alpha bikers, a strong biker beauty, and a steam love connect that spans over miles on the open road, you’ll love Sydney Aaliyah Michelle’s latest BWWM romance. 




“You stabbed me.” 


“Well, you shot me.” I grunted. “We’re fucking even.” 
It never felt like this, fucking. I knew it would be good. I underestimated it by a mile. 
Maybe this was what it felt like when you fucked someone you loved. 
It was nice having someone hold me. Not the person I wanted, but I was learning fast you don’t always get what you want. 
I thought about not if, but when we found each other again. 
I knew it like I knew how to breathe that Gracie was mine and we’d end up together. She had my heart in her hands and at the moment, she held it there with an open palm. At some point, she would squeeze it with all her might and holding it close to her perfect tits and when that day came, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. 
Might be the reason why my life has been a rollercoaster of calm and chaos. 
I deserve to be miserable for the rest of my life, but I want more than that crushing emptiness for her. 
Tonight, I got to see how both of those merged into the beautiful woman she had become. Being inside of her again, stab wound or no stab wound, felt like home. 


Lady Guardians: Grace’s Revelation
Release February 20, 2019


Sydney Aaliyah Michelle is a Contemporary Romance writer, a voracious reader, tattoo lover, and movie fanatic who hails from Texas. 


After surviving 5 1/2 years living in China, she had the courage to finally pursue her passion and become a writer. 
She identifies the sci-fi action flick “The Matrix” as the best representation of her life in the past. She is now blessed to be awake and doing what she loves. 
She can recite the entire script from the 80’s teen comedy/drama “The Breakfast Club” and loves any and everything associated with the Avengers Movie, especially Tony Stark. 
When it come to books, Sydney reads different genres, but some of her favorite writers are Stephen King, Xyla Turner, J.A Huss, Kaia Bennett, & Emily Bronte. Under the Dome, The Great Gatsby & Wuthering Heights are her favorite books.
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Series Blitz: UNBORN SERIES by AMBER LYNN NATUSCH is on SALE at $0.99!@AmberLNatusch @PureTextuality @AmazonPub

From UNBORN, the first installment in the series…


Khara has spent centuries discovering everything about the Underworld―except her place in it. But when she’s ripped from her home, solving the riddle of her origins becomes more important than ever. With evil stalking her through the dark alleys of Detroit, she finds salvation from an unlikely source: a group of immortal warriors sworn to protect the city. Khara needs their help to unravel the tangled secrets of who and what she is—secrets many seem willing to kill for. But time is running out, and the closer she gets to the truth, the closer necessity binds her to an arrogant fallen angel.

Can their shaky alliance withstand that which threatens her, or will her soul fall victim to the unholy forces that hunt her―those that seek the Unborn?



About the Book

The Unborn Series
by Amber Lynn Natusch

Urban Fantasy
Paranormal Romance


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About Amber Lynn Natusch

AMBER LYNN NATUSCH is the author of the bestselling Caged series for adults. She was born and raised in Winnipeg, and is still deeply attached to her Canadian roots. She loves to dance and practice Muay Thai―but spends most of her time running a chiropractic practice with her husband, raising two young children, and attempting to write when she can lock herself in the bathroom for ten minutes of peace. Dare You to Lie is her debut YA novel with Tor Teen.

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Book Blitz + Giveaway: EVO, A Thriller Novel from DIANE MAY is On SALE at $2.99 until February 2nd! @DianeMayWriter @XpressoTours

Diane May
Publication date: July 23rd 2018
Genres: Adult, Thriller

A covert CIA operation that involves genetic engineering.

A serial killer nicknamed “The Hypnotist”.

And the most terrifying threat humanity has to face.

What if someone could take complete control over your mind?

And what if that someone was a serial killer?

Discover EVO, a gripping crime thriller that reviewers and readers describe as “spellbinding”, “high-energy” and “impossible to put down”.

Langley, Virginia, twenty years earlier:

John Blake, a CIA special agent, stumbles upon an illegal genetic experiment within the agency, conducted on unborn babies and officially presented as a fertility program designed to help couples get pregnant. When he realizes that his very own daughter is a product of this sinister plot and that she is in grave danger, he vows to do everything it takes to make sure Maya will be safe and the people behind the experiment will all pay. With their lives.

Verona, Italy, present time:

Livio Marchiori, a homicide detective with the highest rate of solved cases in Verona, is faced with The Hypnotist, a serial killer the likes of which he’s never seen before. He never touches his victims and he leaves no evidence behind, except for the detailed videos of his murders. And what Marchiori and his team see on those videos is more disturbing than all their other cases combined. Because this one is different. This one defies all rational thinking and borders the impossible.

Then The Hypnotist gets personal and threatens to kill Dr. Abby Jones, the chief medical examiner and the woman Marchiori is in love with. Caught in a cat-and-mouse game with the elusive killer, Marchiori knows he is quickly running out of time.

So when Captain Victor Miller from Interpol walks into town, Marchiori is more than happy to partner again with the man who two years ago helped him put an entire mafia clan behind bars. But Miller has his own agenda, and Marchiori soon discovers that there is more to these crimes than meets the eye, an entire thread of things way beyond his pay grade – illegal experiments, secret agencies, and the most terrifying threat humanity has to face.

A gripping serial killer thriller with a “hit-the-brakes-with-both-feet plot twist that may leave even the most jaded among us feeling good about humanity.”

“He stripped down, threw his clothes in the blue hamper behind the door, and got in the shower. He turned his body away from the faucet and placed his hands on the wall, letting the hot water beat down his back. Doing this usually relaxed him, but now it somehow amplified this weird restlessness, this foreboding feeling he couldn’t shake off. Annoyed at himself, he quickly washed his body, turned off the faucet and reached for the brown towel on the hook.

A heavy silence filled his apartment. A few drops of water from the shower head splashed onto the ceramic tiles below, the sound deafening to his ears. His heart started beating faster. All of a sudden he wanted to hear human voices, his neighbours yelling at each other, their baby crying, anything but this dead silence and the rhythmic tapping of the water drops.

An icy shiver rippled down his spine and his body started shaking. Unseen walls were sliding down around him, trapping him. Suffocating him.”

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Present day

His eyelids stung as if they were held open by sharp needles. He felt tired, but it wasn’t just an every-now-and-then feeling. He felt perpetually tired, as though life and blood were slowly oozing out of him. Tired of being around the sick and the grieving, tired of his starched white coat, grey slacks and polished black shoes, tired of feeling lonely and having no-one at home waiting for him.

For a moment, he entertained the idea of crashing out in the on-call room at the hospital, but the bunk bed with its lumpy, cheap mattress held little appeal. The Borgo Trento hospital in Verona, one of the best in Italy, didn’t offer much in this regard. Then there was the constant smell of ammonia, laundry soap and bed sweat hovering in the air, impregnating the walls, the furniture, the clothes he was wearing. Sometimes it filled his nostrils and almost suffocated him and its acrid taste remained at the back of his throat for days.

He’d go home instead.

He took off his coat and carefully put it on the coat hanger in the closet by the door. He fished out a small hair comb he religiously kept inside the breast pocket of his shirt, looked in the mirror hung on the inside of the closet door and began tidying his unruly hair. He had always been obsessed with this. If he didn’t comb his hair every few hours, it started looking like a half-built bird’s nest.

He focused all of his attention on his hair and tried to ignore the sagging pale face in the mirror. He was forty-five, but his hectic life-style and the sterile light in the room added at least another decade to that. With a receding hairline and his black hair developing more than just a few grey friends, his dull-brown eyes slightly too close, and his waist puffing out like rising bread dough – although he tried to hide it under large sweaters and shirts – he knew he wasn’t exactly Brad Pitt.

In his opinion, men fell into four categories: the gorgeous scoundrels, who had half of the female population swooning at their feet; the handsome good guys, who also encountered no difficulties in finding a partner; the ugly, but charming, who still had their fair share of success with the opposite sex. And then came the invisible ones. The men who were neither good-looking, nor ugly. The ones you saw once and failed to remember the next day. They were the nice guys. And he was one of them.

He sighed and turned away from the mirror. He took the leather jacket from the coat hanger, grabbed his briefcase and stepped out of his office into the brightly lit corridor of the virology wing. It was Sunday evening, a little over eight o’clock, and he had just finished a thirty-six-hour shift.

“Good night, Doctor Pasetto,” the nurse at the reception desk said, her red-rimmed eyes peering at him from behind thick glasses. Then she resumed staring at the computer screen in front of her, pounding on the keyboard.

“Good night, Dorina,” he answered, always polite, always using first names.

Because he was the nice guy. This was how the few women he had been with – in his pathetic attempts to find the one – would describe him.

In his twenties and thirties, he had been too busy studying and making a name for himself to think about starting a family, although his mother had gradually become more vocal in expressing her desire to have grandchildren. But once he had established an excellent reputation for himself, his lonely existence started to weigh him down, and he found himself wishing for someone in his life, a person he could share everything with, who’d be at home when he arrived in the evenings, ask about his day and tell him in great detail about her own.

He stepped outside into the grey twilight gloom and ambled to his car. He thought about the date he had a few evenings ago. An intelligent and beautiful woman with a healthy sense of humour, a woman he certainly wished to see again. But that would never happen.

It’s not you, it’s me, she had told him, you’re such a nice man, Niccolò, you deserve someone with less emotional baggage.

He was tired of hearing what a nice guy he was.

He pointed the key fob at his black Mercedes; the doors unlocked with a low hum, the mirrors reverted to the normal position, and the interior light came on. He climbed behind the wheel.

The thought of sleeping at the hospital popped into his mind again, more persistent this time. But he pushed it aside. His own bed was much more comfortable.

He turned the key in the ignition, and with a soft purr, the car started. He drove out of the parking lot and joined the traffic. His apartment was ten minutes away from the hospital.

There were few cars on the streets now, the city’s inhabitants relaxing in front of the television, beer in one hand, remote control in the other. He loved the quiet of the dark, the sleepiness of Verona like a cat curled up on the warm mat in front of the fireplace dozing off into oblivion. At least until the next morning when the Veronese invaded the streets once again, driving to work, and day-dreaming about the next summer holiday.

He parked the car in his private underground garage, and dragged his feet to the door that connected the garage to his apartment building.

As his right foot hovered over the first step, a strange, unsettling feeling washed over him and made him freeze for a few seconds. He felt the muscles in his stomach tighten and a tremor rippled through his body. This had never happened to him before. He stood their motionless, feeling confused and ridiculous, a grown man behaving like a superstitious old fool.

He finally snapped out of it and went up the stairs, every step feeling heavier somehow.

His apartment was on the first floor, and he stopped in front of the door, patting down his pockets and trying to remember where the hell he had shoved his keys. After two full minutes and a lot of mental swearing, he finally found them in the front compartment of his briefcase.

I definitely need a holiday, he decided as he took them out and unlocked the door.

He went inside, closed the door behind him and turned on the lights. The uneasy feeling returned full force and he felt scared. He almost wanted to run out of his apartment.

Don’t be an idiot!

But as an extra-precaution he locked and bolted the door carefully. Then he dragged his feet into the bathroom, but not before he turned off the lights in the corridor. Wasting the planet’s already depleted resources wasn’t something he took lightly. He was that kind of man.

He stripped down, threw his clothes in the blue hamper behind the door, and got in the shower.

He turned his body away from the faucet and placed his hands on the wall, letting the hot water beat down his back. Doing this usually relaxed him, but now it somehow amplified this weird restlessness, this foreboding feeling he couldn’t shake off. Annoyed at himself, he quickly washed his body, turned off the faucet and reached for the brown towel on the hook.

A heavy silence filled his apartment. A few drops of water from the shower head splashed onto the ceramic tiles below, the sound deafening to his ears. His heart started beating faster. All of a sudden he wanted to hear human voices, his neighbours yelling at each other, their baby crying, anything but this dead silence and the rhythmic tapping of the water drops.

An icy shiver rippled down his spine and his body started shaking. Unseen walls were sliding down around him, trapping him. Suffocating him.

What the hell is wrong with me? Could this be a panic attack?

He had never had one in his life, but his mother suffered from them periodically. Maybe somewhere in the deep recesses of his mind the prospect of leading a lonely existence scared the hell out of him.

He took a few deep breaths and managed to bring his erratic heartbeat down a notch.

And then he heard a noise. It sounded like footsteps in the bedroom. He stopped breathing and his body went rigid. Cold water trickled from his hair down his face. And pure panic constricted his throat.

I’m naked. In the shower box.

And yet he wasn’t sure he wanted to get out. The air around him became menacing, as if something evil was lurking in the shadows of his apartment. He closed his eyes.

This is getting ridiculous! Nobody could have gotten in!

With jerky movements he dried his body, put on a pair of black boxers and an old grey t-shirt, and went to the sink. He opened the medicine cabinet to the right of the mirror and took out the bottle of Xanax he kept there for his mother. He put it on the sink and stared at it. He’d never thought he would actually come to need it himself.

He placed his palms on either side of the sink, holding himself up, his head lowered, his forehead and chin beaded with sweat.

His gaze fell on the pair of scissors he used the previous morning to cut off the plastic wrap holding two bottles of mouthwash he had bought for the price of one. Grey steel and black plastic against the immaculate white ceramic of the sink. Kind of like his own life. No colours, no joy in it.

He decided he needed the Xanax. He grabbed the bottle and was about to unscrew the cap.

“I’m afraid I can’t let you do that.”

He froze. His heart started hammering hard against his rib cage.

A man’s voice. Inside his house.

His breathing turned shallow and quick, and a cold clammy sweat covered his skin.

But I locked the door. I locked the door!

Then he understood. The intruder had already been inside. The bottle of Xanax slid from his hand and clattered to the floor, rolling under the sink.

“Now look what you’ve done!” the intruder said, his jeering voice mean and hollow like a dead man’s laugh.

It came from the darkness of the corridor.

You need to do something! Do something!

He wished he knew what to do. He had never attacked anyone in his life and had no idea how to go about it. What if the burglar was armed? Maybe he should just give him whatever the hell he wanted and be done with it.

He saw the scissors on the sink.

He felt a rush of adrenaline surge through his body as he realised the man couldn’t see the scissors. His whole body tensed, his blood ran faster and his muscles were ready for attack. In one swift movement he grabbed the scissors and lunged at the figure in the dark shadows.

But instead of driving the scissors deep inside a warm body, he stabbed… nothing. He lost his balance and fell on the cold, hard tiles in the small corridor connecting the two bedrooms to the bathroom and living-room.

He didn’t have the scissors anymore. He had dropped them trying to break the fall, and they were now lying somewhere out of his reach.

He heard a laugh behind him, cruel and evil like the depths of Dante’s inferno.

“Get up!”

He did as instructed, slowly. His legs were unsteady as he had injured his right knee when he fell, and he almost felt like checking to make sure the scissors weren’t stuck in his kneecap, so excruciating was the pain.

“Turn on the light.”

With a trembling hand he flipped the light switch up.

As the warm glow flooded the corridor, he understood he was going to die.

And at the exact same moment he realised how much he wanted to live. How rich and blessed his life really was, how he still had time to meet the right woman, start a family, buy a house in the suburbs and fill it with love and laughter, just like in those sappy movies played year after year on TV at Christmas.

A scornful smile stretched across the features of this soulless shell of a man all dressed in black. “I’m afraid that’s just not in the cards for you. You see, you made one fatal mistake six years ago.” He paused, his face hard and ruthless, then added in a voice as final as a judge giving the death sentence. “You worked for Doc.”

“Who…? I never—”

The words died on his lips. The heavily guarded medical lab, the creepy doctor in charge… it all came back to him.

“Exactly,” the killer nodded as if he could actually read his thoughts. “And now it’s time to pay the price. But if it’s any consolation, you won’t be the only one.”


Author Bio:

Diane May is a crime thriller writer and she lives in Verona, Italy, with her husband. When she’s not in her office writing, she can usually be found curled up on the sofa with a good book in her lap and a cup of green tea next to her.

The only daughter of an army colonel, she grew up on military bases where she learnt about weapons, discipline and the sacrifices of military life. She also worked for many years as a translator and interpreter for the Court of Law on mostly criminal cases.

EVO is her debut novel and she is currently working on her second crime thriller, Till Death Do Us Part, scheduled to be released in 2019.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter



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Book Blitz: RESISTING THE RANCHER ( Hills of Texas#2 ) Written by Award Winning Author KADIE SCOTT is On SALE at $0.99 For A Limited Time Only!@AOwenBooks @XpressoTours

Resisting the Rancher
Kadie Scott
(Hills of Texas #2)
Published by: Tule Publishing
Publication date: July 30th 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

First comes marriage, then comes…

Rusty Walker has spent her entire life trying to earn her tough, ranching father’s respect and approval by learning the business inside and out. But now her uncompromising parent has decreed she must marry if she wants to inherit. Worse, her husband has to be someone who can help her run the business. As if she needs it!

Williams Hill kissed Rusty in a bar in an act of temporary insanity, and lost his heart to her on the spot. Despite the complications to his own rodeo stock business, he agrees to marry the feisty red-head, hoping to woo her once they’re hitched. But she only views him with suspicion and resentment.

Can this soft-spoken Texas cowboy convince his proud wife, who’s never known unconditional love, that she is everything he wants?

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo / iBooks / Google Play

99 cents for a limited time!


Williams Hill dragged his hand over his face as he sat in his truck at a stoplight in Estes Park, Colorado. After two straight days of driving up from Texas, he was ready to reach his destination of the rodeo grounds in the small Rocky Mountain town. Flexing his shoulders to work out the kinks, he happened to glance over at the vehicle stopped next to him.

Everything in him froze… then released in a pent-up laugh.

The woman driving a shiny new black Ford truck was gorgeous with high cheekbones and pouty lips. Her long hair was pulled back in a ponytail, so he couldn’t quite make out the color, but her appearance wasn’t what had made him laugh.

She was clearly enjoying a favorite song—singing and dancing for all she was worth, without a care in the world for who might be watching. He chuckled again as she did a little shoulder shimmy. Adorable was the word that struck him, and he was strangely affected, an instant attraction coiling inside in a way that surprised him.

He wasn’t an instant attraction kind of guy.

Suddenly, she glanced toward him and stilled as she discovered her audience. Her eyes went wide and she sent him a sheepish grin. He smiled back and pretended to tip an imaginary hat. However, instead of another smile, she went cold on him, eyes hardening, lips thinning. She whipped her head around to face forward, her chin in the air, and didn’t glance his way again. She definitely didn’t start singing again. Not that she would have had much time, because the light changed a second later.

She was quick to hit the gas, faster on the draw than Will, who was still blinking at her abrupt about-face. He almost expected her windows to frost with the drop in temperature in there. A flash of bright pink on her back window caught his attention as she drove ahead of him. For the second time in a handful of minutes, Will chuckled. The sparkly sticker on the back of her truck read Silly Boys, Trucks are for Girls. Lips tipped in amusement, he shook his head.

At the next light, she went straight when he turned, which meant she probably wasn’t there for the rodeo. He gave a mental shrug. Wouldn’t be seeing her again. Probably for the best, since he was here to work.



Author Bio:

Award-winning contemporary romance author, Kadie Scott, grew up consuming books and exploring the world through her writing. She attempted to find a practical career related to her favorite pastime by earning a degree in English Rhetoric (Technical Writing). However, she swiftly discovered that writing without imagination is not nearly as fun as writing with it.

No matter the genre, she loves to write witty, feisty heroines, sexy heroes who deserve them, and a cast of lovable characters to surround them (and maybe get their own stories). She currently resides in Austin, Texas, with her own personal hero, her husband, and their two children, who are growing up way too fast.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter


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SALE BLITZ: BEATS OF THE HEART (Lyrical Odyssey Rock Star; Book 1 ) by AUTHOR CHARLI B. ROSE is on SALE for 99c Only! @CharliR53830413 @rrrpromotion @readreviewrpt

beats of the heart sale 2

Before they can have a second chance, they have to live through their first love… and heartbreak.

Izzy ~

We shouldn’t have taken the risk. We should’ve stayed just friends. Best friends. But only friends. But our hearts were foolish. I’d loved him forever. So, three years ago when he offered what I always longed for, I grabbed it with both hands. But I couldn’t hold on tight enough. The beauty of love blinded me. I didn’t see it coming. Didn’t expect to lose everything. My friend. My heart. My art. My privacy. All of them casualties of love lost.

Dawson ~

Every beat of my heart sang her name. She was my muse. Without her, there’d be no music. I was riding the high of fame and fortune. I had it all—status, money, her. Until the thing I’d always wanted cost me the thing I’d always needed. Love’s song drowned out all the warnings. Now she was gone. So was the music. So was my will. I was left with only silence.


What happens when two hearts sharing one beat fall out of sync?

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Genre: New Adult Romance

Series: Lyrical Odyssey Rock Star; Book 1




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Sale Blitz: KING ( Broken Bows MC Duet #1 ) by Amazon Bestselling Author KERRI ANN is On SALE For Only $0.99! @Daresanddreams

Title: King

Series: Broken Bows MC Duet #1

Author: Kerri Ann

Genre: MC Romance

Published: July 19, 2018

Why the hell did it have to be her?
The bartender at Four Horseman was a walking wet dream and now she’s my damn job. 
I thought it would be simple. Get intel from the witness. Ignore her sass and sexuality. 
I was wrong. She’s more than I bargained for. 
I may risk everything to save her from her fate. 
My life, my future….my club.
Busta… My jailer.
I thought he was good-looking at the bar. No more. 
The man is arrogant, ruthless: a complete prick. 
I need a way out of this and through him is the best.
I need to find a chink in his armor. 
I’ll do what it takes to gain my freedom. 
Anything to get free. 
Except giving him the intel he wants.

Mother of two insanely (well trained) sarcastic men, wife to a dangerously smolder inducing grumble bunny (fireman), and friend to some amazing ladies (you know who you are). Thanks for reading, thanks for being a friend, and I look forward to meeting you in the future for drinks, danger and laughs.
Living in Northern Ontario, Canada, Kerri loves to read, travel and find new reasons to write you fantastic love stories. Remember, not all love is clean. Dark, light, angsty, sexually charged and twisted—that’s her genre.
It’s heart wrenching stories where the muse directs her. As the instrument of their lives, the stories are told piece by piece with emotion, that has the story read like a movie. You can hope for the good guy to win, but it won’t always happen. She can’t guarantee an HEA (happily ever after) or HFN (happy for now), because life doesn’t always have those. 
Enjoy the OMG’s and tears. Tear your hair out, toss a book or two, because I want you to feel their pain too. As they live it, absorb it on the pages.

Sale Alert: THE BASTARD (Filthy Trilogy Book 1 ) by New York Times Bestselling Author LISA RENEE JONES is Now Only $.99 in Honor of THE PRINCESS Coming January 23rd! @LisaReneeJones

the bastard 99 sale pic



I’m the bastard child, son to the mistress, my father’s backup heir to the Kingston empire. He sent me to Harvard. I left and became a Navy SEAL, but I’m back now, and I finished school on my own dime. I’m now a few months from being a billionaire myself. I don’t need my father’s company or his love. My “brother” can have it. I will never go back there. I will never be the mistake my father made, the way he was the mistake my mother made.
And then she walks in the door, the princess I’d once wanted more than I’d wanted my father’s love. She wants me to come back. She says my father needs to be saved. I don’t want to save my father but I do want her. Deeply. Passionately. More than I want anything else.
But she’s The Princess and I’m The Bastard. We don’t fit. We don’t belong together and yet she says that she needs me. We’re like sugar and spice, we don’t mix, but I really crave a taste. Just one. What harm can just one taste do?





THE PRINCESS IS THE SECOND BOOK IN THE FILTHY TRILOGY! The Second Installment  to Harper and Eric’s story will be out on January 23rd and is available for pre-order everywhere!
Amazon CA →  





This is a bad idea,” she whispers, but her voice is raspy, affected, the taste of her hunger damn near on my tongue.

I kiss her, a quick brush of lips, and a lick that has the heat between us damn near explosive. “Still think it’s a bad idea?”

Her hands flatten on my chest but they flex rather than push. “We both know this is wrong.”

“And yet you followed me here.”

“You said that already,”

“You knew what would happen,” I accuse.

“I was angry.”

I certainly know where anger and family collide, in ways I won’t explain to anyone. My jaw sets hard and I release her, putting a wide step between us. “Stay or go, but if you stay, you’re going to end up naked.”

“I know your father’s an asshole, but my mother loves him and my father’s company is now a part of this one.”

“The part where I said that if you stayed, you’d end up naked.” I reach for her and pull her to me. “You did understand that, correct?”

“I don’t scare off that easily. If I did, I wouldn’t be working for your father and under your brother.”

“It’s me I want you under,” I say, molding her close, my hands sliding up her back.

“I’m too young and stupid for business, but I’m just right to fuck?” she challenges.

“I’m warning you, Harper, not talking down to you. And if you’re young and stupid, so was I.”

“You wanted to be here,” she says.

Yes,” I say, tangling my fingers into her hair. “I wanted to be here, just like I want to be right here, right now, with you.” My mouth closes down on hers once more, a deep thrust of tongue that’s as unforgiving as my father would be if it came down to choosing her or Isaac. It’s all about demand and I expect her to push back, to give me the rejection that sends her to the door and me to the fucking airport. That’s not what I get.

Her hand on my chest doesn’t push me away. She moans and her elbow softens, those perfect curves I’d admired from a distance now pressed nice and close, right up to the moment she jerks back. “My God. What are we doing? You’re my stepbrother.”

I walk her back against the wall, my hands caressing up her ribcage to cup her breasts. “I told you,” I say, stroking my thumbs over her nipples. “I’m not your fucking brother. Not now. Not ever.” I cup her face, lean in and my mouth finds her mouth, and if she thought my tongue unforgiving before now, she was wrong. This is unforgiving. It’s in my blood. It’s who I am, who I was born to be. A bastard who wants her.

I have this sudden need that consumes me. I shove my hand into the top of her dress, fingering her nipple. She makes this soft, sexy sound that has my cock twitching, expanding beneath my zipper. As if she knows, she presses her hand to my crotch and holy fuck, I need inside this woman. I push off the wall and shrug out of my jacket, my gaze raking over the tops of her breasts. Her teeth scrape her bottom lip, and I want that mouth on my body. I want my mouth on her body.

I toss the jacket, rip away my tie, and she doesn’t run away as I half expect she will. She closes the space between us, her fingers on my buttons, working them down my shirt, but when one hand slides down to my crotch, I react. I slow things down before I fuck her and this is over, and when it is, I’m gone. Suddenly I’m not ready to leave, which is why I turn her to the wall, and force her hands to its surface, yanking down her zipper before I pull my shirt over my head. I step into her, my erection at her backside, my lips at her ear.

“You saw me watching you across the pool,” I say, my fingers catching the straps at her shoulders.

“Of course I saw you. You wanted me to see you.”

“Yes. I did. I wanted you to know I wanted to fuck you.” I shove the straps of her dress down her arms. “I wanted you to know I wanted you naked.” I pull the dress down, and with no bra to contend with I have it down her hips and to her feet. I lift her and kick it away, taking a moment to appreciate just how perfect her heart-shaped ass is before I turn her to face me.

My fingers tangle in her hair and I pull her to me. “And since you’re here,” I add, “I will assume you got that message loud and clear.”

“I’m still angry and you’re still an arrogant asshole, but apparently it doesn’t matter, so fuck me before I come to my senses.”

I press my cheek to hers, my hand on her cheek, lips by her ear. “I promise to use my tongue in all the right places to make sure you have no regrets.”

She pants out a breath that tells me my words affect her and I’m right there when she does, kissing her again, drinking her in, and damn she tastes good; one part innocence, one part a drug that knows how good it feels. And she does feel so fucking good.

I scoop her up and carry her through the living area to the bedroom, because hell, I don’t know, it just feels like I should fuck her on the bed, though I could have easily kept her right there by the door. I want this woman. I want her in a bad way and I wanted her from the moment I saw her by that pool. I set her on her feet and I pull her close. “This is where I lick and you come on my tongue.”



Meet Lisa

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones is the author of the highly acclaimed INSIDE OUT series.

In addition to the success of Lisa’s INSIDE OUT series, she has published many successful titles. The TALL, DARK AND DEADLY series and THE SECRET LIFE OF AMY BENSEN series, both spent several months on a combination of the New York Times and USA Today bestselling lists. Lisa is also the author of the bestselling WHITE LIES and LILAH LOVE series.

Prior to publishing Lisa owned multi-state staffing agency that was recognized many times by The Austin Business Journal and also praised by the Dallas Women’s Magazine. In 1998 Lisa was listed as the #7 growing women owned business in Entrepreneur Magazine.


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Title: Undaunted

Series: The Kings of Retribution MC

Author: Crystal Daniels and Sandy Alvarez

Genre: MC Romance

Publication Date: September 22, 2017 


undaunted 2018

As the VP of Kings of Retribution MC, I live and breathe club life. After suffering the loss of two women in my life, I grew cold and indifferent to the idea of love. I don’t need to let anyone in. I’ve seen the aftermath it can leave in its quake. 
The last thing I’m looking for is someone to fill the void.
Until – Bella Jameson
Struggling to keep my head above water, my only concern is taking care of my sister. The last thing I expected was to fall in love with a tattooed biker, Logan Kane. With evil hiding in the shadows, I have no idea the danger my sister and I are about to face.
Will they overcome their demons in the end, or will they lose each other in the process? Lies will be told, secrets will be revealed, and what was once lost… will be found.
We are sisters who both share a passion for books. Our obsession for bad boys, alpha males, angst, romance, hot, sexy, and happily ever after has lead us on a journey, a dream to not only read all the incredible stories we love so much, but to write one of our own. 
Both born in Illinois, then moved to Wyoming, were we spent part of our childhood before moving to Mississippi.
Crystal lives in Pearl Mississippi with her husband of twenty-one years, two sons and their two dogs.
Sandy lives in Brandon Mississippi with her husband of eleven years, and four kids.

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After a tragic accident, my life changes forever. The man I’ve dreamt of marrying leaves me broken and alone. It takes time, but I’m finally able to forgive myself and him.

Years later, I meet someone who’s worth my time. Sparks fly. We have passion, love, everything I’ve ever wanted, but not all is perfect.

My ex wants me back and enlists the help of his friends. He’ll do anything to right his wrongs. The only problem is, I’m in love with his best friend and now I could lose both of them.

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It’s been almost four years since I’ve seen Kate, but I’ve thought about her every single day. Our reunion was unexpected and nothing like I’d envisioned. Never in a million years would I have guessed the love of my life would fall for my best friend.

Kate agrees to meet so I can explain what happened, why I distanced myself, but I’m not sure how to put it all into words.

I’m determined to prove that abandoning her was a mistake. It doesn’t matter if she’s with Daniel now. She’s been my girl since we were teenagers, and one day, she’ll be my wife.

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About D. KELLY

Kelly, author of The Acceptance Series, The Illusion Series, and standalone companion novels Chasing Cassidy and Sharing Rylee, was born and raised in Southern California. She’s a wife, mom, dog lover, taxi, problem fixer, and extreme multi-tasker. She married her high school sweetheart and is her kids’ biggest fan.

Kelly has been writing since she was young and took joy in spinning stories to her childhood friends. Margaritas and sarcasm make her smile, she loves the beach but hates the sand, and she believes Starbucks makes any day better.

A contemporary romance writer, D. Kelly’s stories revolve around friendship and the bond it creates, strengthening the love of the people who share it.

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Genre: Sports Romance
Series: Fan Girl; Book 2

Baseball’s hottest pitcher, Ryan Cruz, has it all; a successful career, a loving family, and a long line of women waiting to occupy his bed. With no shortage of female attention, settling down is the last thing on Ryan’s mind…that is until one night with the team’s ball girl changes everything.

Ball Girl Samantha “Sammie” Sterling has one goal and one goal only: finish college. With graduation around the corner, she focuses all her time and energy on her studies…that is until Ryan Cruz turns her world upside down. Despite having a crush on Ryan for years, Sammie declines his advances, thanks to his playboy reputation.

Determined to change her mind, Ryan sets out to prove that his feelings are genuine and he has left his player ways in the past. Sammie learns quickly that the heart doesn’t abide by timelines and finds herself the happiest she’s ever been…that is until Ryan’s insecurities threaten to ruin their future before it begins.

For the first time ever, ladies man Ryan doesn’t have all the right moves.



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